Living a Soulful Life

Afra’s New teachings on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom, Volume 1

by David Christopher Lewis

Afra, the divine patron of Africa, exemplifies universal brother/sisterhood and embodies the flame of freedom. In this book, he reveals how to connect fully to the light and fabric of our souls. Master Afra, whose name means “brother,” models the essence of soulfulness, kindness, and brotherly love. His stories, revelations, and insights—from past civilizations through modern times—show us how to reconnect with the Divine for personal and planetary unity and enlightenment. 

Afra embodies everything we desire in a true friend. He demonstrates how practicing honesty, integrity and brotherly love transforms our lives, magnetizing his heart to ours, and ours to his. Reading his book will rekindle joy within your soul, illumine your mind and enliven your spirit!

Read this book to quicken an awakening of your soul—and experience harmony, peace, and freedom in your life in new and powerful ways!

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ISBN: 978-0-9818863-8-1
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Afra's new book

Living a Soulful Life
   by David C. Lewis

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Afra Patron Saint of Africa
Cover art by Marius Michael-George


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“If you have ever wondered what true brotherhood is, read this book! For in the sacred space of your reading you will feel its essence in new and profound ways. You will see it as a fundamental principle inherent in the harmony of nature and the rhythm of the universe, and not some lofty ideal beyond our reach to be attained in some distant future. Afra’s loving soulfulness, saturating each letter of each word, will set the cosmic record straight as it sets your heart, mind, and soul on a journey toward embodying the light of true brotherhood now.”

Kevin D. Raphael Fitch, author of Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean

“Through this landmark book Afra shares a ray of hope for Africa and the Earth—how we can embrace who we really are and recapture the great civilization we once had. He urges us to see beyond our exterior cover and look to our essence and interconnectedness, affirming we are one in God. His words touch every fiber of my soul! I stand proclaiming my commitment to live a soulful life this day and every day.”

Deborah Ellis Timberlake, Esq., GPHR, CPP

“With the wine of love and words like music, David Lewis’s new book leads us to the fountain of Divine Light. It is like entering into the freshness of an enchanted dream. The breath of life sparkles in the splendor of the dewy dawn. We are filled with hope and excitement, with the premonition that some great discovery may emerge from the depth of our soul.”

Mamade Kadreebux, poet and author of Destiny, Life in the Shadows, Book of Journeys, and Journey to Ancient Arabia

“Master Afra is sacred to Africans throughout the world. I was born in Lusaka, Zambia, and have held great love for the African continent in my deepest soul. The mighty mother flame that once was sacred to Lemuria even now calls for rebirth on this vast continent. This book has been long awaited to rekindle that flame through Master Afra’s heart, to bring us back to the African Spiritual Sun. May this book awaken Master Afra’s love in African hearts and herald the renaissance of the African Solar Spirit Age once more.”  

Ralph Douwe Raaths, Steiner Teacher Trainer and Spiritual Science Lecturer

“The wisdom of the Master Afra contained in Living a Soulful Life will, no doubt, resonate as Truth in your heart and mind, as it does in mine.

Thomas Burns, author of Breaking Through the Mist— A Field Guide to Higher Consciousness