Seventy-thousand years ago, a golden-age civilization of the blue and violet races lived harmoniously on the continent that we now know as Africa. They were dedicated to the will of God and devoted to his principles of mercy and justice. Through their practice of divine rituals, they were able to maintain their connection with higher realms of light. 

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This civilization thrived during the time of Lemuria, when the culture of the Mother had reached its zenith. Yet at a certain point, souls who had turned to darkness sought to drive a wedge into the established culture of unity and harmony. Peace was disrupted and the stage was set for the downward spiraling of the civilization. Divisiveness, caused by a false sense of duality, took root during this time, and the basic sanities and civilities of life were eventually lost as brother warred against brother. 

A great soul in the realms of spirit saw the plight of the blue and violet races and sought permission from the Karmic Board to descend to Earth to help them. With permission granted, this divine being took embodiment on the continent of Africa to show the people how to dissolve their differences through the sacred fires of brotherhood. As Jesus and other avatars have done, he traveled extensively to spread his message, depositing into the ethers of every locale the memory-traces of unity. He was the living spirit of brotherhood in embodiment at that time, whose mission was to save the African peoples from self-destruction. His message, “We are brethren,” hallowed the space through which he passed and charged each atom of man and nature with soulfulness. 

Delivering his message was not without its dangers, yet this did not stop him—his love for mankind was greater than the fear of death. He lived his message everywhere he went. His every gesture was the song of brotherhood; his every look was through the “eyes of the heart,” aflame and alive with kindness, compassion, and brotherly love. The eloquence of his speech resembled the music of the spheres. This was Afra, the epitome of the spirit of brotherhood. He ultimately fulfilled his purpose in raising souls out of mediocrity and ascended over thirty-five thousand years ago.

Fast forward to April 2005. The ascended master Afra is speaking to a small group of spiritual seekers in Detroit through his amenuensis David Christopher Lewis about the urgent need to resolve conflict in both their city and among the nations through embracing the spirit of brotherhood. His message suggested that the descendants of the blue and violet races (many of whom are among the black race today) have special gifts to share with other races that could aid in this resolution.


In October of 2006, a group of pilgrims from The Hearts Center gathered in Luxor, Egypt, where Afra and other ascended masters called for a more active effort on the part of their students in offering violet-fire prayers on behalf of the African continent. They spoke again of the struggle of the African people and requested that those who resonated with these souls commit to coming together regularly to pray for the transmutation of the akashic records of their tumultuous history, as well as for a new infusion of divine light and love into these nations, her peoples, and all those of African descent around the world.

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Following that trip, a group of students began holding weekly prayer vigils for the healing of Africa. Through the vigils,they have been dedicating their energy to assist the ascended masters and the angels in dispelling the darkness that hovers over that beloved continent.

The group also met by phone for several weeks to formulate thirty-three questions to ask Afra in a series of six darshan sessions. In Sanskrit, darshan literally means “seeing,” “viewing,” or “perceiving.” Through darshan, a spiritual master or ascended being may commune with his or her students. When in the presence of such a holy one, the disciple may experience the master’s spiritual essence and the light of truth that he or she bears. In this instance, the group of devotees felt the expansion of that light within their hearts and minds as Afra released, through these discourses, the fullness of his love and wisdom, charged with his spirit of brotherhood. In Part One, you will read the questions that they asked Afra and his responses.

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Since 2005, Afra has also been releasing HeartStreams through David Christopher Lewis, which David receives through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. Part Two includes these addresses, delivered during services, pilgrimages, and special events. They provide much wisdom, inspiration, and guidance for the work that must be done to bring God-government, peace, and healing to the millions of souls that populate the cradle of civilization that is Africa. In Part Two, you will also find answers to several additional questions posed by students to beloved Afra. The answers are relayed in David’s words as he was overshined and inspired by the Master. Part Three includes prayers, invocations and affirmations for invoking personal and planetary brotherhood and freedom. By engaging in these rituals, you become an advocate for Afra and a nexus of divine light, which he inspires us to embody fully.